January 15, 2013

love affair

I have an addictive personality when it comes to clothes and my addiction of the moment is turtleneck. This heavy knit was the first of three I bought this week but what made this one special was how erratic I came about this.  I've apparently not gotten the memo yet that it really is winter in SoCal, so I go out to the Spectrum sleeveless in the afternoon. I'm already freezing as I walk out to my car, but that was not enough to compel me to walk back the 15 feet to grab a jacket. I get there, step out, and I'm about to punch myself for not listening to my brain and rather listening to my lazy legs. The nearest store retreat was Urban Outfitters. I personally love combing the sale racks at Urban, because I've always found so many great pieces at amazing prices, to the point where I can never bring myself to buy something there full price. I'm scanning for a sweater or jacket that I actually like and can wear out of the store, but I had little luck. I'd almost given up until I saw the bright teal sleeves peeking between a squished rack of baroque dresses. I grabbed it out and didn't think too much of it until I actually tried it on. It was love. The thick, comfy knit and the rad striped sleeves sold it as soon as it was over my head. I honestly felt like there was magic in that dressing room, that's how ecstatic I felt about this sweater! And the part where I almost screamed was when I checked the price tag to see only 9.99. Yeah. No. Fucking. Joke. Plus I guess it's one of a kind, since it's part of their Urban Renewal line.

If you actually read through that whole story, I really appreciate you sharing my enthusiasm. It seems so frivolous, but it really was one of those moments when you're reminded that the best, most special things come when you least expect it. Yeah I just compared that to finding a rad sweater.  

sweater: Urban Outfitters (similar)
dress: ASOS (luv)
shoes: Dolce Vita


  1. HAHAHA - you are absolutely hilarious <3 Seriously - I love this story as well as your no-shame attitude. Spontaneity at its best!

    High-Stitched Voice

  2. loving the coziness of this look! xo


  3. loving the texture of the cable and multiple stripe widths. its a very layered look. literally and visually.


  4. This is such a lovely outfit! Absolutely love the big knit! :) x Laura


  5. That sweater's such an awesome find! It looks so cosy :)

  6. Your so Pretty, I Love Your Hair
    Gorgeous Jumper,You defo gained a new follower.
    I would appreciate it if you take some time out and visit my blog
    Claudia xx

  7. I'm seeing ASOS everywhere! You look so cute and comfy :D



  8. Love the sweater!! I did not know Urban had an urban renewal collection, that is pretty awesome!

  9. This sweater is amazing and $9.99 make it 10x's better. Lucky you.