January 17, 2013

Uno de 50 in LA

(Brian Dowling photography for Uno de 50)

One of the most amazing opportunities to start off the new year was working with my favorite blogger ladies on a campaign for Uno de 50, a beautiful accessories brand from Spain that is making its way in the US.  It was such a great and fun concept uniting 5 LA bloggers to showcase the jewelry in our unique styles. We took to the streets and walls of Silver Lake and had such a blast photographing together for the first times. Some of my favorite pieces from their collection (though it is really hard to choose) include the Ibiza cuff, Aurora Boreal bracelet, Magia Potagia ring, and the Llegas Tarde watch. Uno de 50 will be opening a boutique in the Beverly Center in early March, so stay tuned! Come party with me and the ladies and see the gorgeous collections yourself.

A very special thank you to Kyle, Brian Dowling, and the rest of the team for a super fun Uno de 50 Saturday! I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to work with the best people in LA.

Holler at my ladies Chanelle of The Penelope Times, Sheryl of Walk in Wonderland, Emily of Stiletto Beats, and Deniz of Le Fashion Monster

pants: c/o Line & Dot
heels: ASOS
jewelry: Uno de 50


  1. Those heels are gorgeous wow :O


  2. wow! stunning outfit, you pulled the trousers off perfectly.


  3. This is such a stunning outfit! I absolutely love those trousers on you! x Laura


  4. gorgeous look! i like the balance btw the tight top and loose pants. awesome colors too!