September 16, 2013

instagram mondays

1. Starting the weekend off in the Bonita Dress and Nasty Gal boots
2. A wildly fun and successful first-timer at #TarteWalk! (Come visit next time!)
3. My staple breakfast: three grain bread with hummus, avocado, and fresh veggies
4. Cat-lady tendency satisfied with Alex & Chloe's Paws sweater
5. Work outfit in Bella Dahl shirt and Rich & Skinny pants
6. Kale lentil soup; my vegan recipes needs some sprucing up! help.
7. Sticker additions
8. Love taking the train to LA as I get to lie cozy in Gypsy 05 and forget about road rage
9. I want a dog on his suit and tie game
10. Crop + stripes love affair
11. Everyday collar necklaces from Kitsch and Maya Brenner
12. Hair whippin
13. Product shooting in the Dove Dress
14. The most childhood-fulfilled night of my life with the Backstreet Boys
15. A beautiful, romantic afternoon spent sipping tea at the Peninsula with Kyle
16. Time for dinner with Kyle's mom, dressing in Three Dots, Rich & Skinny, and Shoemint
17. Another variation: bread, hummus, avocado, and cayenne pepper with berries on the side
18. Strolling in the sunshine in Tulle


  1. Adorable! Jeezz your hair is soooo long! love it ;))

    NEW post up…
    ❤ Jenny Tsang

  2. really wonderful impressions!


  3. You're so beautiful! I love how long and gorgeous your hair is!

  4. You look absolutely amazing, as usual!!! xx
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