September 17, 2013

Madewell Leather

Hello, tote of dreams.

I don't know the trigger for the impulsion to suddenly and overwhelmingly desire a perfect, soft leather bag. 
I mean it's really not just a bag, but a life carryall, an elegant day-to-day buddy. 

I went on the hunt. 

A few months have gone. I was getting so desperate I wanted to buy leather and make one myself (or commission a talented leather tailor). But then, there's that chance you find something when you're least looking, whether it be love, an opportunity, or even the remote; it's a beautiful thing that comes more often than not. It was this chance that manifested when I casually strolled into a Madewell and discovered this beautiful, chestnut leather tote standing front and center of the store. It embodied everything I had imagined for my bag: raw lining, the right not-too-wide not-too-tall dimensions, and a rugged, worn leather finish.  It's so soft that I can't help catching myself pet it or feel the leather between the tips of my thumb and index when I'm just standing in line or sitting on the train. It's now become the understated beauty in my day-to-day wear and it just plainly makes me smile. 

Yes, a bag can really elicit all this emotion; 
you'll know when you find the right one. 

Well done, Madewell, well done. 

in my bag: Louis Vuitton wallet, leather journal, iphone in Paul Frank case, Lumix LX5, Paul Frank sunglasses, Jurlique hand cream, iPad in Splendid x Clare Vivier case


  1. i need a bag like that. :D it would be so easy to tote around and dump stuff in! it's so classic looking, too.

    1. Yes! I used to be a minimalist and carry only crossbody bags for a long time, but it's nice to be able to have everything with you in a chic tote :)

  2. Such a gorgeous, easy to carry and style bag! x

  3. Oh I've been eyeing this tote for so long, it's great!



  4. lovely bag! x

  5. I have the same bag and camera! Both great buys : )

  6. it's gorgeous! great blog, i adore the name.

    the well-traveled wife

  7. Oh I've wanted this bag for so long!!!! You have convinced me to go for it!