January 25, 2014

A Good Hair Day

Having a good hair day is so much more possible these days thanks to my new ghd styler from their beautiful jewel collection. 

My hair has gotten to that extreme length of no return because of my laziness and anxiety in the treacherous journey in finding that holy grail hair stylist. This has gone on for almost two years, and now I just want to honestly see how much farther my hair can go. But it's at the point where my hair is an everyday struggle, a black hole for earrings, rings, and small things, a tangled mess, and a limp body in desperate need for an advanced savior.

That's where my miraculous ghd comes in.

Mermaid waves mesmerize me and this is the first time in my life I can achieve this romantic look with little effort, in just about ten minutes time with the styler's smooth contoured plates and convenient swivel cord. Yes, ten minutes! My hair routine has never been easier in the mornings. To prepare my hair for styling, I use the large ghd paddle brush to smooth and detangle the strands with ease and I protect my hair with a few drops of Prive's vanishing oil (a must!). My only tip is to move the styler pretty quickly through each section to make it a relaxed wave instead of a tight curl. For all kinds of hairstyles, you can find some great tips and tutorials here

Did I also mention this styler gets hot in just ten seconds? Everything about this is amazing and no fail. I've tried other high quality, pricy stylers, and ghd takes the cake. Invest in this, and you'll get the best return of your life.


  1. I wish I could try this but my ends are so fried despite regular trims. If showering gives my hair split ends I don't even want to think of what a heat styler could do to it. You hair looks gorgeous though.

    The Fashann Monster

    1. Thank you! I used to have terrible, terrible split ends and I recently found out that it's the shampoo you use that makes or breaks your hair. I recently switched to Prive shampoo which is super moisturizing and free of chemicals and I've noticed a difference. I also use a moisturizing conditioner from Prive, but the investment is in the shampoo!

  2. Well, I super agree that your hair looks absolutely fabulous in that photo. I'm always afraid I might damage my hair from the heat.

    The Loquacious Square

    1. Thank you! I totally understand your concern, my hair is far from perfect but using a heat protectant like moroccan oil or prive vanishing oil is so key. Plus ghd's ceramic plates are meant for heating hair safely with no snags or breakage.

  3. Gorgeous waves.

  4. Waw so beautiful beachy waves!!

  5. You have the most beautiful hair! OMG! I'm so jealous!