January 24, 2014

It's A Win-Win

Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent jumper via Madison LA. Gucci clutch (similar here). Madewell belt. Schutz shoes. Nixon watch. 

Can the rest of 2014 be as good to me as it has been so far, and as good as this silk jumpsuit?

This last month has been a great experience in so many ways. The trip to the Bay Area a couple of weeks ago was for a meeting with our Accelerator advisors, which was extremely productive and mind-opening, and something I never thought I'd go through. Being on board this start-up is really, really scary because of the good chance it'll fail like any start-up ever, but that thrill for that 10% chance (or even less) of making it is what I live for (may it be my demise or fortune). 

In any case, looking fabulous is a sure way to make any situation feel like win.