April 19, 2014


Chanelle and I wearing all BC Footwear

If you're going to look cute and stand for hours at a time,


I love heels, but they are the torturous instruments of pain and misery for weekend-long benders like the standard girl trips to Vegas (you KNOW what I'm talking about) and especially traversing the dirt and sandy grounds of Coachella. I've finally gained the wisdom after many years of pain (and my feet are now paying for it) to say screw. that. So to have the height I still love so much and the comfort I need if I don't want my feet to fall off, I turned to BC Footwear's cute and fun wedges. They are my go-to brand for stylishly comfortable shoes and I knew I could trust my feet in their hands (or shoes rather).  I was able to easily transition my wedges from my day-to-night outfits in a breeze and I was comfortable till the break of dawn in these saviors. Chanelle and I are such huge fans of the brand that we took them along with us to Coachella and we had such a fun time guest-instagramming our days at the festival on BC Footwear's instagram. Check out our posts here: #BCTakesCoachella.

Stay tuned for more of my Coachella weekend recap this week!

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