April 21, 2014


Fun fact: in the world of beauty, I collect perfumes as much as I collect dresses.

wearing LAST NIGHT dresses

My signature scent is a medium- to full-bodied floral with notes of jasmine, bergamot, or gardenia. These succulent perennials speak to the depths of my memories and take me over the moon at first whiff. You know a perfume is the one when it takes your mind spinning to the littlest details from your past and present, like coming home late on warm summer nights when the jasmine outside the house blooms and radiates, and you cherish the flashback. It's a millisecond of indulgence that brings bliss to the start of the day. So I don't just stick to one perfume because there are so many scents that can trigger different reactions, but I do have two new favorites that have been in my day and night rotation. I discovered a brand new fragrance collection called Commodity and not only are their scents super luxe and unique, their fun 'scent tailoring' service is unrivaled. As you can see, their branding is minimal, sleek, and all about the actual scent - there's no run-of-the-mill vanilla or green apple in their collection.  Their scents are concisely and smoothly named Whiskey, Tea, Mimosa, Gin, etc. Since they're online only, they've created an entertaining try-at-home fitting kit, where they send you samples of their entire women's or men's collection for you to test out for a few days and see what works for your skin's chemistry. Once you've chosen The One, you can order a full size to indulge in forever (until it runs out and you find yourself running back for more). 

Not only did I sample the women's collection, I also tried the men's as you know borrowing from the boys doesn't stop at just the jeans. My two absolute favorite scents of their 20 piece collection came one from both sides. Pinot, from the women's, is a gorgeous deep floral with bergamot and bulgarian rose. Every time I spray it on, I feel that it elevates my look to a higher sophistication. Book, borrowed from the boys, is a sensual woodsy scent that is subtle and lingering and suitable for days when I really need something to spice my day up. For a whole lot of fun, I like to mix the two and create my signature scent for the summer. 

I think I've come pretty far from my teenage days of wearing Ralph by Ralph Lauren, and really so has the fragrance industry. Commodity is a whole new approach to finding your scent and makes this an experience that you'd have to try to say you've lived. Go on, give it a whiff.