April 1, 2014


ShopSosie dress. Stela 9 bag. Coach heels. Chloe & Isabel earrings.

This beautifully blue kaleidoscope dress reminds me of soaking in the sun along the East Coast shores, in front of white beach cottages with blue shutters. Or am I just thinking of The Notebook because I saw it for the very first time last week? It's the first chick flick I've seen in years and I'm actually not regretting this one; the cult following is real and I respect that. I legitimately asked Kyle if he had a family history of Alzeihmer's because as romantic as that film was, it got real at the end and it was so. sad.  Going off topic, I love this dress - it's breezy, it's pretty, and the charming blues are sure enough to captivate the Ryan Gosling of your life. 


  1. This dress actually does remind me of my childhood because of the kaleidoscopic print! Very summery. I think the colours make it a little nautical too.

    The Fashann Monster

  2. So pretty! Love that dress on you!

    The Style Storm
    <3, Christina

  3. Love the print! Gorgeous pictures

  4. Beautiful dress! You look stunning in it!