April 2, 2014

One Sunny Day

Wildfox Couture swimsuit. Birkenstocks. Mikoh cover-up.

Lately I've been binge-shopping for bikinis and one-pieces because I'm just that addicted to the beach scene and I really needed to update my swimwear. I tried out Zappos for the first time and I accidentally came across these Birkenstocks while perusing their extensive selection of shoes for some comfy beach sandals. After reading reviews and hearing only great things from my friend Chanelle, I decided to get them. As much as they give me clown feet, I can't get enough of them because they are a like a California King bed for your feet. And that, my friend, is how comfort trumps style. That's not even the best part - I ordered it and received it in just one day. Zappos makes an effort to get things to you fast, so you can expect most of your orders to arrive in a couple days or even overnight. They also genuinely impressed me with their extraordinary customer service. I ordered my usual size 8 in the Birkenstocks, however, they ended up running one size too big for me. So I had called customer service to start an exchange for a smaller size, and I can't tell you how friendly my girl was. It was like I was talking to my best friend; I didn't even want to get off the phone, I was really tempted to invite her out for drinks. Their exchange policy ended up being so amazing, as they immediately sent out a new pair which I received the following day and my only job is to return the previous shoes within 14 days. Zappos really puts the ease in online shopping. I also received my Wildfox swimsuit and soft Mikoh cover-up through their site, because their customer service is just so worth shopping everything there.


A much-needed moment of soaking in the sun is the only thing that keeps me sane and brings me back to myself. The last two weeks have been particularly rough, especially with my laptop succumbing to an accidental spill and my iphone mysteriously scorching itself useless. The Apple gods were straight up hating on me and I've been protecting my iPad at all costs ever since (they say bad things happen in threes). Adding to the mechanical chaos, I've stressed in preparing for Coachella and buying new stuff for LAST NIGHT - I definitely needed a break this past weekend. When it seems the universe just isn't working with you at the moment, it's even harder to find inspiration and gather the enthusiasm to get back in the game. But the key in a getting out of a "low" situation is to keep optimism at a high. I just had to take a breather and remember my happy place, which is the beach. So Kyle and I made a trip out to Laguna even when it was a bit windier than usual and had such a relaxing time laying in the sand and dipping our feet in the water. This followed by drinks on the rooftop for a perfect view of the sunset was the best pick-me-up that helped me fully recover. 


  1. You look absolutely amazing. I would do anything to be on a nice beach right now, we are still in coat weather in England...it's rubbish!!! x

  2. These are great pictures! You look amazing and that swimsuit is just too cute.


  3. These are beautiful pics! Love the beach, looks like you're having a lot of fun <3

  4. You look incredible - that swimsuit is gorgeous!

  5. you are such a babe! love the look of the swimsuit.