June 18, 2014

71 Stanton Opening

It was such an honor to be a part of this special evening celebrating 71 Stanton's new LA boutique opening.

wearing all 71 Stanton and Kelsi Dagger shoes

I immediately fell in love the first time I ever set eyes on 71 Stanton clothing because I feel like she literally designed everything just for me. The designer, Ellis, is incredibly talented in creating California-inspired pieces with classic silhouettes and luxe materials, but what makes her clothing stand out are the unique, innovative details in every single piece. 

When I was asked to be a part of 71 Stanton's first ever boutique opening, I jumped at the chance without hesitation.  The store resides in Koreatown's sleek shopping area, right across from the sprawling City Center and just a hop away from the chic Line Hotel. The decor is luxurious and minimally grand with dark wooden floors and vintage-inspired chandeliers. I co-hosted the launch party with Ellis and we had so much fun partying with our friends and loved ones. Ellis put on a beautifully executed fashion show with 20 complete looks that made me just die every single time a model walked through. Some of my favorite details were divided hems, loose drapes, crochet lace, and silky everything. You can tell how much everyone must have loved the fashion show because after Ellis took her bow, the guests flocked to the racks like it was a Louboutin sample sale. The energy was great and I'm so happy for 71 Stanton's brick-and-mortar debut! When you're in LA, 71 Stanton is a must stop on your shopping list. 

3517 W. 6th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90020

P.S. Check out Kyle's version of the story here and how he even became quite the hero ;)


  1. looked like so much fun!!

  2. great photos!:) xx