June 17, 2014

San Luis

Here's to a quick little flashback to our roadtrip back from Napa.

Kennington shirt. Paige shorts. Kelsi Dagger bag. Kelsi Dagger shoes. Warby Parker sunglasses. Nixon watch.
On Kyle: Kennington shirt. TOMS sunglasses. Gap shorts.

When you're on that last leg of a trip, you can't help but miss your own comfy bed just a little bit. And when it's time to actually drive home, if it were up to me, I'd hightail it out of there on the shortest, fastest route. 

I attempted to take the 5 freeway all the way back home from the Bay Area like I always do, but Kyle diverted us elsewhere to a stretch of highway he's known and loved for years. Yeah, it might've taken us maybe an extra hour, but what a worthwhile surprise it was for me! We continued to take the 101 down to Gilroy and took the 152 from Gilroy to connect to the 5. The 152 took us through golden rolling hills and miles of green scenic farmland. What astounded me was just as we reached the very top of this large hill our car was struggling to climb, the gorgeous blue waters of San Luis Reservoir opened up beneath us. I wish it was something I could've caught on camera, but I was seriously distracted. As we were driving down the hill, the reservoir just grew bigger and bigger and there were many viewpoints that tempted me more and more to stop as we passed each one. Of course Kyle had done this drive a hundred times and knew just the place to see the best of the reservoir - the visitor's center (duh!). There I actually took a minute to read on how the San Luis Reservoir was an ambitious water project of its time while Ronald Reagan was governor of California, and the reservoir was meant to supply water to Southern California as preciptiation is lower there than in the North (fun fact for your day!). The view of the reservoir lake was spectacular and we couldn't help take a few pictures while we're there.

On another note, it's those nuances which make me appreciate how wonderful it is to be partnered with someone who views and experiences beauty in a different light and takes you along for the ride. If you haven't seen yet, check out Kyle's new blog 2.0, The Blogger Boyfriend, for his [super candid] side of the story.


  1. Nice!:)) xo

  2. Dear, I found your blog randomly and I’d like to say it’s fabulous! I really like your amazing photos & style! Everything is perfect!

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    1. Thank you Diana! I'll definitely check out your blog :)