May 19, 2015

Cafes with Beymen

I worked together with the premier, luxurious department store Beymen and their ready-to-wear line Beymen Club, based out of Istanbul, Turkey, to share my favorite highlights of Los Angeles. Today, we'll be exploring cafes that are my morning and afternoon hot spots.

Beymen Club dress.

**Originally posted onto Beymen's new blog, No Filter (written in Turkish)**

While I’m able to work from the comfort of my own home, I find myself more productive and creative when I’m situated in a space with an inspiring ambiance and friendly company. Los Angeles has always had a few outstanding café spaces where getting coffee was more than about being on-the-go, but now there’s a rise in cafes and coffee bars that are truly elevating the casual experience. When I’m running between meetings and events throughout mid-city, I always pop into the striking, monochromatic space of Graffiti Sublime Coffee, where minimalism rules. If I’m near Beverly Hills, I pop into the chic and lively Nespresso boutique for a delicious boost of espresso with a dose of modern elegance.

On days when I can block out a nice chunk of time to focus on my work, I always drive over to the up-and-coming Arts District in Downtown LA. I usually start my day eating one of their hefty vegan salads and fueling up on a freshly made juice or smoothie at The Springs, a new communal wellness space that embodies the open-air Californian design. My absolute favorite drink to get is their delectable Matcha Milk, made with fresh matcha, almond milk, pink salt, and a touch of honey. The pure matcha would supply almost as much caffeine as an espresso shot. Their ambiance is bright and energetic, perfect for a productive session executing projects and working on my blog.

For a change of scenery, I like to take an easy walk over to the Daily Dose Cafe, a small, down-to-earth joint with quality roasts and premium teas. The café’s winning element is its relaxing outdoor patio stringed with lights and chandeliers that equate a charming atmosphere you’d wish to make your own backyard. I could sit in the cool, cobblestone alleyway, lined with fresh herbs and wooden tables, for hours until dusk.

After several rounds of hot jasmine tea and a prolific afternoon of soaking in the sun, I’ll make a quick stop over at Blue Bottle coffee bar, a specialty coffee roaster that I originally discovered and fell in love with in Berkeley, California. Sometimes when I know I’m in for a long night ahead, I’ll re-energize myself with Blue Bottle’s specialty, off-menu drink, The Gibraltar - a double shot espresso topped with a bit of warm, not hot, milk for immediate sipping. 

The diversity and creativity in each of these establishments are the defining qualities of the Arts District and while I currently claim it as my office space, it’s a dream of mine to call this neighborhood my home.