May 17, 2015

Pitch Perfect 2

Reliving the fabulous premier experience.

Wyldr dress. Chloe bag. Jimm Choo shoes.

Last week, I had the most wonderful, feel-good time at the Pitch Perfect 2 Premiere in downtown Los Angeles thanks to Schick and Skintimate, who were the official sponsors of the movie. It was a huge premiere event with a red carpet lined with fans who've camped for hours, complete with dazzling musical performances and fun interviews by the cast. This was my first movie premiere ever and I felt so lucky to have attended a grand one at that. I knew I had to dress up a bit, so I wore a fun and semi-dressy dress from Wyldr and prepared my skin with new, limited edition Schick products in collaboration with Pitch Perfect 2 and lots of leg lotion to glow on the carpet. As the movie was about to start in the Nokia theater, the lovely and funny Elizabeth Banks, actor and director of the comedy, came out to introduce the all-star cast to the audience and the gorgeous Rebel Wilson sat just seats away from Kyle and I. The movie itself was hilariously funny; I personally loved it much more than the first one, so if you were a die-hard fan of Pitch Perfect 1, you will be obsessed with the sequel. It was so cute to see the quick Schick shout-out within practically the first five minutes of the movie, in the funniest way possible (you'll see what I mean). 

After the movie was the after-party held just steps away from the theater in a beautifully assembled venue. We mingled with the stars and I chatted and got a quick [blurry] photo with one of my favorite actors, Adam Devine, who you may have seen in Workaholics or Modern Family, besides the Pitch Perfect movies. He was such a sweetheart! Last Friday was a golden hour in Hollywood and it was an amazing experience to be a part of it thanks to Schick and Skintimate.

If you haven't caught Pitch Perfect 2 yet, get to the theaters now and see it!