May 6, 2015

Roses and Faye

Embedded in florals.

Reformation dress. Chloe bag. H&M shoes. Urban Outfitters hat. Nixon watch. Pandora bracelet.

There's an eager passion in my days to watch my Reformation dress collection grow in my closet; every new addition is a breath of fresh air. Reformation's eco-friendly and feminine designs are a delicate intermixture of refinement and sexiness that seem to flow naturally hand-in-hand and this dress is the most perfect example. 

I also recently fell in love with the Chloe 'Faye' through the store window at South Coast Plaza and while it was in my hands the very next morning, I regretted waiting even just an entire night to "think on it." Who was I kidding? Chloe got me at first sight.


  1. OMGoooooosh! That dress is lovely!! Off to check out the link!

  2. so cute! ;-)

    i invite to me too

  3. I love how you blend in with the background!You look fab~

  4. wonderful dress! it looks so pretty on you! and I love the photos, beautiful location.
    Emma xx

  5. So romantic, love it!

  6. This dress is absolutely stunning! Lovely and romantic yet kind of sexy,,look t that top :)

    Printed or Plain

  7. Oooo-la-laaaa. So lovely. Strongly feminine, and softly feminine at the same time.You go girl!