May 7, 2015

Surf & Sand Resort

With salt in my hair and waves in my sleep.

Outfits: Rae Francis olive dress. Faithfull striped dress. Jen's Pirate Booty robe. Indah blue dress. Lovers + Friends swimsuit.

I count my blessing of living just a short 15-minute drive - a road through dreamy canyons no less - from the most beautiful beach in California. Laguna Beach has been my second home for over a decade, and yet I've never stayed over a single night to legitimately call it that. However, thanks to the incredible, luxury hotel Surf and Sand Resort, I've knocked off a couple of things from my bucket list.

1. Explore Laguna Beach as a local.

The Surf and Sand Resort is situated just blocks away from the heart of downtown Laguna Beach, where rows of acclaimed restaurants, chic beach bum boutiques, and the best gelato ever are an easy stroll to get to. While we loved staying on property and dining at Splashes - the resort's elegant and delicious oceanfront restaurant where breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all musts - we ventured not-so-far to Sapphire to watch a lovely sunset with a globally-inspired multi-course meal on our last night. Sapphire was one of those places I've driven past a thousand times without noticing and now they've got my attention. 

Earlier in the day, I visited The Soul Project just across the street from the resort and learned more about their unique printing business that boomed off of Etsy. They've grown to opening a flagship store right in Laguna Beach, and their entire business concept is built on the mission to give back to the community. You can't not love the good vibes they're spreading! The ladies of Soul Project helped me make my very own tote bag with a digital print of logo and my original photo from Catalina Island. Now this is a canvas tote bag I'll forever use. 

2. Fall asleep to the waves.

The neverending roar of the waves is a lullaby that I miss as I'm writing this post. The Surf and Sand Resort is one of a handful of true, beachfront hotels in all of California, meaning the property literally sits on the shore of the vast Pacific Ocean. The tide sweeps up right under your toes as you stand at the edge of the balcony (which every single room has). Kyle and I left our balcony doors wide open, day and night, to indulge in all of the little sounds of the beach as much as possible. This room definitely made for one of the best "home offices" we've had.

While there were so many other great experiences from Surf & Sand, like the heavenly Body Buff treatment at their own Aquaterra Spa or the wonderful in-room butler service for a sunset treat or even my very own custom-made cocktail, I will forever remember the Surf & Sand as the dreamy destination where falling asleep and waking up to the calming ocean roar was, and can be, a reality. 

The next time you're looking for a memorable staycation or a romantic getaway, make Surf & Sand Resort a part of your experience.


  1. Loving the pics taken on the beach! Retro style :)

    Printed or Plain

  2. love the swimsuit!

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  4. Wow! Such stunning images. Looks like you had a very peaceful time. You look beautiful in every shot. I am such a big fan of your blog!

  5. Such amazing photos. What do you shoot with? I love the vintage vibe.