June 9, 2015

Key West with Joe's Jeans

Going way down south.

All from Joe's Jeans

Last month, I journeyed to the southernmost point of America with some lovely souls that rejuvenated my spirit for the mid-year. Tommy and my best friend from college set upon a roadtrip from Miami Beach to Key West, passing through the gorgeous turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

I remember Key West as an 8-year-old girl shocked at the rowdy bikers and party people in the heart of downtown and jealous at these older folks who seem like they’re having too much fun as an adult. Coming here for the second time of my life 17 years later tells a much different memory. Granted we arrived on a Monday, the shaded streets were quiet and pastel houses were elegantly standing in the midst of neighborhood locals walking their dogs. It was a perfect air of peace that made this a truly fond vacation for the soul. It was as simple as seeing locals selling coconuts on the side of the road and retired old folks sitting around a plastic picnic table, drinking beers under lit trees. The one thing I can take away from Key West is that old folks know how to party.

We set up base at the brand new Gates Hotel, a beach chic boutique property situated right on the island with its own pool, food truck, and rum bar for a good ol’ time in the sun. The cute interior of our room is exactly how I’d like to outfit my new apartment (more coming up on that soon!), so naturally I was excited to spend a little time inside for d├ęcor inspiration. Their native food truck, the Blind Pig, supplied yummy fresh fare that fulfilled our 3 meals per day in the most satisfying way. The Gates Hotel was the perfect place to hole up with a delicious bloody mary and a retro bikini, so much that I finally achieved the shade of caramel I so desired.

We toured downtown, flew in the air with Fury Key West, ate coconuts, and petted a lot of cats at the Hemingway House. I wore a bunch of denim because my denim is like my security blanket when I travel – it’s a piece of home and a piece of comfort. It’s also a versatile piece that can’t go wrong in spontaneous situations and I looove being prepared. I put together some vacation-worthy denim looks from Joe’s Jeans latest summer collection and I made a video diary from my time in Key West. Check it out below and subscribe to my YouTube!


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