September 28, 2015

A Place in Time

Going back to the Old West.

This is from our second day at Pioneertown, where I surprisingly braved the 100ยบ heat in a black romper, but it turned out not so bad.  We explored more of Mane Street, diving into the old facades and being little kids with the props. It's kind of incredible that you could be walking in the exact same steps and touching the same little things as Gene Autry, Roy Rogers and all of Hollywood's cowboys during the 1940s. I'm wearing a really fun, shiny and jingly romper from the newest Anna Sui for O'Neill collection, which I still deem as one of the coolest collaborations around and I'm glad it's continuing through the seasons.


  1. so pretty ; 0))

    i invite to me too

  2. I love these photos! You can almost feel the dust in the air~