September 29, 2015

Saturday With Me

Going along for a vivid ride.

My makeup look is simple: brows, cat eye, and cheeks. Those elements have always been the same throughout my years and it's a definitive part of my identity that I don't see changing anytime in the future; partially because I like keeping it minimal and mostly because I don't have the skills for anything more advanced. But what I've found to love and collect to spice up my routine look are lipsticks. A lip color can change everything

As a fan of Buxom's cult-favorite Lash Mascara, I've been following Buxom's flirty foray into the world of makeup where they fearlessly innovate for the vixen in all of us. Buxom has just released 30 striking shades of their new Big and Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick, where names like Evocative Petal and Ruby Temptress personify their vivid pigments. Bold Gel Lipstick comes in matte and satin finishes, both of which are super moisturizing and last through whatever adventure you're up to. 

I'm so excited about their new line, I tried out a couple of their lipsticks on one amazing Saturday and created three different looks - one for my morning brunch with Racy Reveal, for an afternoon at Venice Beach with Wildfire, and lastly for a night out in Santa Monica with Shameless Magenta. Hope you enjoy the video below chronicling my day out with Buxom!

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