December 9, 2015

Architect Inspired

In more ways than one.

You’ve caught me in my no-nonsense look that keeps me comfortable, yet creatively inspired throughout a hard working day at home. While I’m very dressy in dresses most days, my other style personality that reigns mostly at home is that of a tomboy. These Levi’s are my favorite jeans of all time because of its worn-looking wash and slouchy fit that give me room to stretch my legs all over my office couch. This plus my new, snug turtleneck addition are my tribute to the classics. But seasons are always a time for refreshers and just recently, I switched up my phone case after my old one literally fell apart (I did love it so). 

In my search for the next ‘it’ accessory, STIL cases grabbed my attention with their unique textured builds and luxurious hues. I’ve gone about mixing textures in my home to play up the ambiance, so naturally I chose this dual-layered white and silver case that gave me architectural vibes, akin to the grand exterior of LA’s The Broad museum. It wasn’t an easy decision picking this phone case, because STIL had plenty of stylish ones to choose. It’s a lot of pressure to pick just one that I will love forever, since I don’t normally change cases often. So knowing that my next phone case would become my signature style, I’m confident with my architecture-inspired accessory in a chic, monotone palette that will go with everything in my closet.

Compensation was provided for this post by STIL Case (Newvit) via studioD.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.