December 8, 2015

My Living Proof

How I achieved my best hair yet.

I'm coming off about two weeks of testing my hair through my Living Proof routine that I was prescribed at Meche and my unsettled hair from the past has transformed to its best. It surprisingly takes a lot of effort to keep short hair looking effortless and it wasn't until discovering some essential Living Proof products that I've spent less frustrating mornings. 

My issues start with dryness, frizziness, and a whole lot of hair shuffling; I like to continuously play with my hair throughout the day, shake it from side to side, and run my hands through. Ideally, my hair should look perfect no matter how much I'm touching it, but nearly always at the end of the day, my head is a big frizz ball.  During my consultation with Living Proof experts, I learned that friction and humidity are the top causes of frizz and the exact reaction that happens with hair when those two offenders collide. Living Proof comes to the rescue with real understanding of science to achieve rewarding hair solutions and aims to educate their customers in the science of beauty so that we can make better decisions about our routine. I've been using the products below to pull of healthy, voluminous hair with so much shine and texture; I can shake my hair in bliss, while not worrying about a thing. 

1. Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Shampoo and Conditioner: Being sulfate-free is a huge plus for me and I love the PhD line because it's the do-all product for a healthy, beautiful canvas of shiny hair. I have a ton of hair and it's not unusual to lose clumps in the shower; after using this shampoo and conditioner for a couple of weeks, I've noticed losing much less hair. I call that a defining performance indicator.
2. Perfect Hair Day (PhD) 5-in-1 Styling Treatment: I apply this in my hair while wet and my hair dries full, soft, and ready-to-style. I also reach for this whenever my ends are feeling dry or I see some frizz. It's lightweight and really is the solution to almost anything.  
3. Blowout Styling and Finishing Spray: I spray this in just before I blowout my hair for a smooth, straight look. It provides thermal protection, while actually decreasing blowout time and adds fullness to my roots for all the volume I crave. 
4.  Style | Lab Amp Instant Texture Volumizer: The holy grail product in shaping my tousled hair. A little goes a long way on my fingers; I apply from the middle to the ends, while rubbing the ends between my fingers for separated, natural texture to my waves. It's also super lightweight, soft, and yet holds my tousled style for at least two days before I wash my hair again. My performance indicator here is that it holds my hairstyle even through sleeping, so I wake up without having to touch up with the flat iron.

Living Proof has a devoted following for good reason and I highly vouch for their miracle products. Try out this customized product selector on their website to find the right products to achieve your best hair.

Compensation was provided for this post by Living Proof Inc.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. This sounds really good! I have never even heard of this brand but should probably try them out...I could definitely use something against frizz :)
    Christina ♥

  2. Great review, can't wait to try these out.