December 13, 2015

My Days with Eve

Welcome to my office.

If you've been following along my snapchat, you've seen how I've recently moved office - from my living room to the bedroom. Kyle and I both work from home and our desks are positioned right next to each other. Due to the nature of Kyle's job, he takes all of his meetings through Skype and while I love my fiancé's handsome voice, I needed to retreat to stay productive and sane on my own work. Now my desk has slowly become a be-all surface where you can throw things to be sorted, while my nightstand is getting its share of device chargers, notepads, and hard drives. I've found that my most productive state when I need to write is when I'm cozy with a fluffy blanket, resting my head on a stack of pillows, with a TV show on that serves as background noise, and a hot cup of tea at arm's reach. What can I say, I'm a creature of comfort.

I've taken my office into the bedroom and I really don't see myself leaving here; we just got a new mattress from Eve, that has literally become the foundation to my productivity. I've always found memory foam beds to be an innovation of comfort, so I was excited to try the Eve mattress, which is made from memory foam and latex that provides incredible support to both of our aching, aging backs.  Kyle and I fell asleep so fast the first night we tried Eve and we woke up on the blissful side of the bed the next morning. Now my nights have turned into days with Eve, during which I basically never leave my bed, for good reason. Not only does Eve provide me a superior night's sleep for a welcoming day ahead, Eve also healthily supports my work system with soothing comfort. So yes, I work from my bed - but don't call me lazy, call me a dedicated worker who knows how to relax. 

When you're ready to try Eve, visit the site to learn more!

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