December 11, 2015

Tina + Jo x Honey & Silk Collection

The story and styles behind my first ever design collaboration.

That moment you find the one piece of clothing that speaks to the beat of your step, the wavelength of your aura, the dreams behind your eyes - you make it your treasure, which will keep in your possession forever. Something that you'll wear over and over again, until perhaps you don't wear as often as you progress through life. Though, it'll never leave your closet because of the memories and feeling it seduces. A treasured past and present passion are the things that inspired me when designing my first-ever collaborative collection with Tina + Jo. I wanted to leave you with pieces that are timeless in style and memories and undeniably fun and modern for the makings of those memories. 

We've created sexy twists in style staples: a high side slit or strategic cutouts in fits that'll flatter. Everything is comfy and flowy, so nothing will hold you back. And the stormy, muted blue palette is for the adventurous and passionate. It was truly liberating to create a collection in which I could physically illustrate my effervescent motivation of making every day of our natural, given life a beautiful adventure. Tina + Jo made that effortlessly possible with their incredible silhouettes and like-minded vision of embracing the beauty that surrounds us.