December 28, 2015

Winter Mini

Some post-holiday action in LA.

For Love & Lemons dress. Clark's shoes. The Row sunglasses.

Merry Monday after Christmas! It's that kind of Monday that is probably the worst of the year, because we all know New Years is just a couple days away. So what's the point of making this Monday a work day? I propose we make the entire week between Christmas and New Year's an official holiday for all. 

Realness though, I hope everyone had an awesome break, even if Christmas isn't your celebration. Kyle and I went back to Orange County to stay at my mom's house and to visit his grandparents. We watched the new Star Wars, shopped a little, ate a lot, and spent so much time with family that left our hearts warm and fuzzy when we drove back to LA (we have to spend time with our cat Sammie too!). Being close to family has always been important to the both of us and we love spending a whole day just staying in and watching movies with everyone on the couch. It's just a magical feeling of being whole. 

On Saturday, Kyle and I spent the day shopping on Rodeo Dr., refilling our Nespresso needs and me trying on all the sparkly shoes and Celine heels. I definitely treated myself to some Christmas presents already, but what's another shoe? It is so chilly still; although I naturally look for pants or long dresses to save my legs, I realized I can make use of my mini dresses too with a pair of warm tights. So my winter wardrobe was expanded and I excitedly wore this beautiful For Love & Lemons dress I was saving for a warmer day.