December 29, 2015

For A Dazzling Midnight

Feeling party perfect in Lulu*s.

Sure, a sequin dress is SO groundbreaking for New Year's Eve (in the voice of Miranda Priestly), but it just freakin works. When you sparkle on the outside, your soul sparkles and shines on the inside for a remarkable midnight strike. When I shopped for my Christmas dress from Lulu*s, I came across this gorgeous sequin dress from the brand Dress the Population and I fell in love with its unique combination of blue, bronze, and blush sequins that give this dress a multi-dimensional shine.  If you can handle holding something the entire night, I'd wear this pearlescent clutch or this metallic gold clutch; I like their smooth exteriors to change up the texture of the outfit.

If you're still in no luck for your New Year's look, shop Lulu*s and get your overnight shipping on!  The dress I'm wearing is on sale by the way. Also don't forget to enter to win a $1000 shopping spree from Lulu*s, details here.


  1. I love these photos and you look amazing in that sequined dress! Happy New Year!


  2. Amazing photos and love the whole look so much. <3

  3. Such an amazing dress! Wore one exactly like that last year!!