January 6, 2016

Engagement-Moon in Sedona

We're engaged!

It's an incredible feeling to be happily committed to the best man I've ever known. I grew up believing in romance and Disney fairytales that shaped me into a hopeless romantic to navigate through the world in rose-colored glasses. While I've gone through my share of relationships that have ripped off that lens, they were only preparing me for the best one yet. Kyle's love got me believing again that a romantic, fairytale, prince charming love can be a reality my reality.  Kyle's love has got me believing in dedicated commitment, loyalty, and high respect for one another. Kyle's love has got me believing that two people can push and support each other higher and higher to the sky and appreciate the journey's up and downs together. We've each grown so much in the last three years and I can't give more credit to anything or anyone else other than my partner for being there to make that happen. I just really love us, together, and I'll stop right here before this becomes a multi-page essay.

So how did he propose? Another thing about Kyle you may not know is that he loves grand gestures.  If it were up to him, he'd propose with a marching band, a flash mob, and whatever else it takes to make viral proposal headlines. However, he had asked me what my dream proposal would be and I said that it would be the complete opposite of that. Personally, I'm much more reserved and subtle. In essence, I wanted our moment to be intimate, beautiful, and just us. On the morning of December 1, 2015 at 6:15AM, while we were both in bed, Kyle leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I love you, you're my best friend, and you're the most beautiful woman in the world..." Now let me interject: this is a sweet mantra that he wakes me up with almost every other morning before he leaves to start work, so this sounded like any other morning, "...will you marry me?" And as he asks, I feel the ring slip onto my finger. Remember, it's 6:15AM, I'm half-awake, it's completely dark, and my back is turned to him. When I felt the ring, it took me a minute to fully realize what's happening! I couldn't speak and I just immediately hugged and kissed him and didn't even say yes until a minute later. I couldn't wish for this to have happened any other way! Perfectly intimate in the comfort of our own home (hell, our own bed!), with Sammie near, and so perfectly us.

What happened next? After I said yes, he handed me a card that I read was a packing list. Kyle told me that we needed to get out of bed and get ready to fly to Sedona in just under three hours! He hired a manicurist from Priv to also come just a half hour later, because I always said my nails needed to be pretty for the engagement ring. When my nails were done and all things were packed, we flew to Phoenix, rented a Range Rover, and drove 2 hours to our favorite town of Sedona. Although we've only been to Sedona one other time for his friend's wedding, Sedona immediately fell into a special place in our hearts. It was the first place we together experienced the wondrous moment of seeing the dome of twinkling stars surround us and this ignited our adventurous passion that would fuel the next two years of our relationship. Sedona was a very fitting place to return to, if not just for their amazing hospitality, fine culinary experiences, and jaw-dropping backdrop. 

We spent three days in recently-engaged bliss and if an engagement-moon isn't a thing yet, I strongly advocate that it should be. Our itinerary really just focused on a lot of eating and relaxing, but in-between we hiked the steep, strenuous climb of Cathedral Rock and roadtripped to the Grand Canyon. The luxurious, private villa we stayed in at the Adobe Grand Villas was so country-chic and dreamy - the views were spectacular, the breakfasts were hot and delicious, and the cuddly fireplace was roaring during our entire stay.  Our memorable dinners included the best pasta I've ever had at Dahl and DiLuca and a unique, private chef experience, where we dressed up and dined inside our villa. Sedona is the most romantic, intimate getaway I can't stop talking about and I love that it will now be a landmark destination in our lives.

Surprisingly, the engagement-moon didn't stop in Sedona! As soon as we flew back to LA, so many surprises were in store but that's another story for another time...


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