January 5, 2016

The Desert Path

Spontaneity creates some magical moments.

H&M blouse (similar). FRAME trouser jeans (70% off!!). Rosa Mosa bag. Clark's heels (on sale!). Dogeared necklace. Lena Bernard earrings (similar).

Some of my past, most memorable Kodak moments include braking the car to a screeching halt on the side of an open road. The road shoulders are always passed, never visited, so the untouched (and uncommercialized) landscape remains an underrated sight to behold. Kyle and I were driving on our way to Sedona, AZ when we found this wispy, golden field with the perfect golden light. This is from our recent "engagement-moon" getaway last month. I have a ton of travel photos to share with you from Sedona and  Europe and I've finally finished editing them after such a busy holiday season. So for the first week of January, I'm dedicating Honey & Silk to all things worldly and perhaps it becomes inspiration for your 2016 travel goals :)