January 14, 2016

Postcards from Vienna

There really needs to be no reason to visit such a magnificent capital, but I'll give you three.

Why Vienna? For its dramatic roots in Neo-Renaissance architecture and classical dynasty in music; for its unapologetically rich and heavy palate in food (think schnitzels and tons of cake); most significantly, for its subtle aptitude to inspire greatness. I haven't worked harder on my projects than I did while in Vienna, sipping Viennese coffee with an apple strudel at hand in local bustling cafes. There's something about the city's splendor, pomp and yet modern grit that spells out the intent and pride which come from birthing some of the world's most greatest. Its deep history in the world and in my own family's beginnings marks Vienna as a romantic and important, ever-evolving scene to return to.   

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