January 19, 2016

Winter Skin Survival

Taking care of your skin while traveling isn't easy, but I've finally found a few products from BareMinerals that change everything.

I'm currently writing to you from my warm, cloud-like bed in the most charming 14th century cottage nestled within the idyllic countryside of England. I've had my moments over this trip where I've questioned my choice to trade LA's warm winter for temperatures in the 30's, but the thought becomes fleeting whenever I look outside my window to a dreamy landscape. While experiencing an actual change in season is nice, it's the serenity of strolling through poised villages under neutral skies that make this time of year so perfect for visiting. The area's balance between nature and natives remain delicate and calm, untouched by the year's coming tourists. Winter getaways are something I've belatedly come to love and I'm now fully committing to in my yearly travel itinerary.

As beautiful as a picturesque winter vacation can be, embracing real winters hasn't been easy. I've had to dedicate a whole new wardrobe for windy days and icy paths and getting used to the cold takes some perseverance. I've also noticed how dry my skin becomes in the cold; the first instance being last year during NYFW in February. On the coldest day of the year, my skin developed a couple of uncomfortable dry patches on my cheeks and it took a while for my skin to recover even after I went back home to LA. This winter, I'm traveling prepared with BareMinerals new SKINSORIALS™ skincare line to combat the cold. I'm so excited to try this because BareMinerals is the first brand that I turned to as a teenager to repair my acne-ridden skin with their revolutionizing mineral makeup (we all saw those infomercials and QVC spots didn't we?) and with a launch this big for SKINSORIALS™, only something great can be in store. 

Their approach with the SKINSORIALS™ line is a beautiful intention: beauty is a personal expression of your own unique self and skincare and makeup should be used to help inspire it authentically; SKINSORIALS™ commits to challenging the traditional approach to aging, by delivering healthier and younger looking skin through a healthy, authentic lifestyle. Their hero product, SkinLongevity™ Vital Power Infusion introduces their youthful secret, the Long Life Herb, found on the island of Okinawa where women thrive and live longer than most any other place in the world. SKINSORIALS™ follows a simple three-step ritual: Purify, Empower, and Moisturize, with plenty of product options to customize the perfect skincare routine for your skin type. For myself, I put together a simple arsenal of products to make sure my skin stays healthy and glowing through a cold winter abroad.

1/Purify: Whenever I'm traveling, my skin goes through all of the elements: airplane dryness, environmental toxins and pollutants, and the bit of stress that comes with moving about, so I like to cleanse my skin to its deepest. First, I wash my face with Oil Obsessed Total Cleansing Oil to gently remove surface dirt and makeup (even my waterproof eyeliner and mascara!) before deep cleansing my skin. It's a transformative oil that turns into a milky emulsion with a bit of water, but I love it most for its soothing scent of lavender and tangerine. Next, I use Clay Chameleon Transforming Purifying Cleanser because of its red clay ingredient that naturally detoxes the skin and draws out impurities. My skin is left soft and squeaky clean. This creamy cleanser is also really great for using on your Clarisonic!

2/Empower: This step is easy as I just apply a pump of SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion onto my cleansed skin as a serum for optimum absorption. The serum makes my skin glow and feel fortified before applying moisturizer, thanks to its formula that includes the patented Long Life Herb Extract, California Poppy Extract, and Lempuyang Ginger Extract. 

3/Moisturize: My dry skin needs the toughest and baddest of moisturizers, so I use the Butter Drench Restorative Rich Cream for very dry skin types. As I mentioned earlier, the biting cold of winter unpleasantly changes my skin texture with dry or rough patches on my cheeks and forehead. But after using the Butter Drench through traveling to 30ยบ landscapes, its shea butter formula returned my skin back to its supple and healthy self. It's not too thick nor greasy as some heavy moisturizers can be; it absorbs just right. 

I'm so happy with how my skin was saved this season, so I'd have one less thing to worry about on my vacation. My skin has never looked clearer and glowier, so I'm definitely going to continue using this regimen at home. Peek around the entire SKINSORIALS line to discover which products would be best for your skin type and to put together the most simple, yet effective morning routine you've had. 


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