February 25, 2016

Sharing the Moment

How Circle has helped me achieve a couple of personal milestones.

Why am I posing with a plant up there? Because it's our first houseplant! And it's a super sweet gift from Kyle, who surprised me with some funds through Circle to buy one, while I was shopping in our local nursery yesterday. Circle is this new payment app that all of my friends are raving about - it's beautifully designed to instantly transfer money to friends and family, while keeping it fun! The app is secure and safe, yet setting up your account takes just seconds. I love that you can add special messages and hilarious gifs when you're sending a payment, and afterwards you can even chat conveniently within the app. So Circle is not just about sharing money, it's about sharing a moment, whether it's splitting the tab after celebratory drinks, sending a deposit to your first wedding vendor, or getting your first houseplant. 

Circle inspired me to share with you some of my favorite moments recently where I've accomplished some important and simple things off my checklist, some with the help of my fiancé and friends, Lisa and Tommy. I'm starting a new series on my YouTube channel where I'll be asking YOU to be my accountability buddy, so we can start keeping each other in check and sharing our successes together. Watch and subscribe below! 

Download Circle for iPhone or Android.


  1. My goal getters this week are to finish the discarding process with my stuff according to the life changing magic of tidying up, play with my kids, and get to bed sooner.

  2. so amazing look ; >>

    i invite to me too


  3. nice:) xx

  4. this is so cute, love!