February 24, 2016

Gift with Diamond Foundry

A new way to share your love.

Getting married takes a whole lot of preparation, even before getting proposed to! You could either be completely surprised by the proposal, or you could make it teamwork. One of the most important factors on the road to engagement is discovering the kind of diamond you both want to share as a symbol of your commitment together. 

Nowadays, there are limitless options in diamonds - you can pick the cut, clarity, carat, shape, and even the source of the diamond, which I find most important. During our research, we came across a new choice in diamonds by Diamond Foundry, a Silicon Valley startup backed by M.I.T, Princeton, and Stanford engineers and investors like Leonardo DiCaprio. We've learned that they've created an innovative, hot-forged diamond alternative to that which is industrially-mined or synthetic. Their process begins with a thin slice of an earth-mined diamond that continues to grow with its exact crystal lattice, atom by atom, under the extreme heat of a plasma akin to the sun. The original starting material can then be re-used like a plant seed, to grow hundreds more in a matter of weeks. Because of their natural lineage, Foundry diamonds are created in small batches - not mass-produced - sustainably in California and each diamond is unique and inspected by a GIA gemologist. For a special diamond that is truly eco-friendly and of high quality without compromising values, Diamond Foundry is the source to turn to. 

In addition to selling loose diamonds, Diamond Foundry also offers a robust Designer Marketplace for finding beautiful diamond engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces designed by award-winning, independent jewelers. The jewelry designers are also committed to using ethical materials and sustainable sourcing, like recycled gold, for their products. I started my Diamond Foundry love with an elegant pendant necklace that is perfect to wear every day and it'll also make a lovely gift for your bridesmaids while supporting a humanely and environmentally-sound process.

Compensation was provided for this post by Diamond Foundry.  All opinions expressed herein are my own.


  1. so cool style!! = )))

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  2. Everything about this look is so delicate and feminine. I love it :)