February 23, 2016

The Cotswolds, England

London is fun, but drive just 2 hours northwest to immerse within the most stunning landscapes of England.

You'll find yourself driving along two-lane roads in a canopy of trees and an eery cloak of fog before crawling through medieval villages, some modernized and some still existing in another century. Waze might just tell you to turn left and it ends up being a bumpy, dirt road just wide enough for the tires, with the edge of woods inches to your right and a field of grazing sheep to your left. If you get out of the car to take a picture, they will stop and give you good camera face. The rolling hills that stretch to the horizon and the slew of vintage English pubs never bore your gaze. 

Spend your nights in Cheltenham, an ideal middle-ground between countryside destinations like Stonehenge and Stratford-upon-Avon, and experience the warmth of home at Pigeon House Cottage. The cottage's idyllic grounds welcome you with gorgeous, lush foliage, a timeworn 12th century church, and a grand neighboring manor, while the inside of the home presents a serene and stylish retreat. Jill, Mike, and their sweet pup Millie are the proprietors of the cozy and relaxed holiday to be had, offering genuine local insight for your day while serving full English breakfasts with homemade muffins that will get you to bed at night in anticipation. Do what we forgot by the end of our trip and beg them to adopt you.


  1. this english enchanted places....really magic


  2. Gorgeous photos! Makes me miss England so much. Enjoy your trip!


  3. I always love your photo edits, Stephanie - beautiful!

    Xx Chantel | www.TheActiveSpirit.com

  4. These photos are breathtaking!