March 23, 2016

Festival Style with Teva

A feminine, comfortable look for the start of festival season.

If you thought 2016 couldn’t go by any faster, we’re nearly past the first quarter of the year and festival season is upon us. Coachella is the biggest kickoff of the festival circuit and the 3-day weekend is literally around the corner. By now, we’re all seasoned festival-goers, right? We’ve been preparing our festival wardrobe for weeks and festival looks are just a whole ‘nother ballgame because of having to be prepared for all of the elements.

I put my festival look together above and I know it’s definitely not your typical. While I love the vibe of a bohemian babe, it’s not entirely me. I’m more about easy, breezy dresses that are functional and classic, and this chambray maxi dress is the perfect kind of wear that’ll keep me cool enough during the day and warm at night. And I’m going to try bringing a wristlet clutch this year because crossbody bags feel so restrictive for a dancing kind of day.

One thing I never have to think about is the footwear. Teva is my go-to for festivals and summer jaunts; their sandals are the ultimate of comfort and their styles are so fresh. I am so excited about Teva’s new Universal Slide, because it is just my perfect kind-of sandal. The rich tan leather effortlessly goes with any festival outfit and it’s easier to get on and off for when you want to relax around and feel the cool, soft tufts of grass barefoot. The leather elevates the sandal to a chic accessory and comes in 4 different colors, including black and rose. This Universal Slide is something I’d pack in every color to guide me in some memorable adventures to come all summer long.

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