March 21, 2016

Sunkissed Shoulders

Feeling right at home with the sun.

The corner kids with their lemonade stand and the bombardment of festival flyers all over the socials mean spring is officially here and it’s time for me to bring back my sunkissed glow. I’m putting my slinky tanks and off-shoulder dresses front and center of my clothing rack and stocking up on after-sun lotions, particularly my favorite one from La Mer. Getting a nice tan takes a bit of effort, but the reward is like a glowing reminder of all the fun in the sun you’ve had.

This pretty Lord & Taylor dress recently arrived from their exclusive Design Lab collection that features breezy boho cuts and ethereal fabrics for this spring. I love the dress’ festive red color and cute button-up detail and it’s so perfect for either an adventurous day in the desert or a fun night at the beach bonfire.


  1. so amazing pics= ]]

    i invite to me too

  2. Such Wonderful photos, and you dress so pretty and chic!

  3. This is a gorgeous dress!! I love red on you!

  4. i love this red lace dress, thanks for your shaing.

  5. Great look!!

  6. This is a gorgeous dress!! I also want to buy one like this.