December 18, 2016

Holiday Look with Rimmel

On making a look my own.

Glowing. Sincere. Enriched.

That is the current state of my makeup philosophy. It’s a new chapter in my aesthetic where my newfound clear and glowing skin is my forefront and everything else is just extra. On a daily basis, you’ll see me with nothing but brows and systematic highlight, and if I remember to apply, a touch of lip tint. I’ve never been more content with my effortless beauty routine that gets me out the door in fifteen minutes. But for the most part, going au naturale is just a moniker for my laziness and lack of patience for a drying cat eye.

While I love the natural look, it doesn’t have to be simply nude all the time. On one of my late nights going down the Pinterest hole, I liked a pin of a beauty look that captured the essence of a fresh face for a night out with deep berry-stained lips, warm eyes, and lots of glow. This would be the perfect kind of look for swirling through the holiday party circuit while still feeling confidently me. I partnered with Rimmel’s Get The Look app, the first Global beauty app that lets you snap any beauty look and try it on live. Their “Steal the Look” feature identifies the look of any face (whether it’s a celebrity, ad campaign, or a friend) and reproduces a makeup look with true-to-life realism for your own to “try on” through their augmented reality technology and your selfie camera. The app suggests various Rimmel products, in specific shades according to each look, that’s available to purchase through their Amazon cart. It’s also easy to adjust the products and shades to your own preference.
I recreated the holiday look with a mix of products suggested and those that I added on my own from Rimmel and their Get The Look app. On clean skin, I applied Rimmel InstaFlawless face tint in Light Medium all-over mixed with a bit of Good To Glow highlighter in Soho Glow (we are going to be using lots of highlighter for this look!). Brows are my must, so I brushed 2-3 layers of Brow This Way eyebrow gel in Dark Brown. I just love how it gives definition to my brows. Then I put on Moisture Renew lipstick in Crystal Mauve - first straight from the applicator, and then a bit more with my finger. I love to pat on lipstick with my finger because it gives that soft, plump look. I took a little squeeze of Good To Glow and pat it into the center of my lips for subtle dimension. I lightly sculpted my cheeks and nose with Natural Bronzer in Sunlight for an overall glow of warmth. For my eyes, I lined my upper and lower waterline with ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Nude for a bright-eyed effect and then applied ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Trespassing Taupe all over my upper lid. Again, I grabbed the Good To Glow and patted dots of highlighter along the center of my eyelids, the inner and outer corners, and just beneath the lower lash line (basically everywhere). I finished with a couple of coats of Wonderlash Mascara on my upper and lower lashes. Actually, I’m not finished yet because you can never have enough highlighter! I used my fingers to dab highlighter onto my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose, my cupid’s arrow, and the center of my chin and I’m pretty generous with how much I use.

My finished look is a bit more subdued than what you see on the model, but it’s exactly the way I’d wear it. I didn’t feel like I was wearing a lot of makeup and in photos, the look was a lovely enrichment of my everyday style for a festive night out.

Find your beauty inspiration download the Rimmel app and try it on for yourself this holiday season.

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