December 14, 2016

Where Art Thrives

Steps to illumination.

I visited the country of Mexico for my very first time and I landed right in the heart of the land at Mexico City. I had my preconceptions of the safety and chaos that may come from the 5th most populated city in the world, but that all disappeared as soon as our Uber cruised onto the tranquil streets of Polanco, an elegant neighborhood boasting colonial mansions and their own parallel of Champs-Élysée - a perfect place to call home for a few days. You surely can't miss the world-class art scene, as you stroll past an art gallery or mural every few minutes. The monumental art museums intrigue with not only incredible curations and free admission, but also with their influential architecture for the drive-by seeker. My favorite of all, Museo Soumaya, is a dazzling gem of this city that captured my imagination and curiosity.

More to come from Mexico City.

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  1. Those jeans are amazing!


  2. Love the look!

  3. Lovely cute look

    xxx, Eva

  4. Oh nice! We all have that preconceptions about Mexico but every friend of mine who has been there tell me it's so magical! Sure I would like read more about your experience there soon!

    xx Margaret

  5. I absolutely love this outfit of yours!


  6. so amazing look ; >>

    i invite to me too

  7. So sleek. I love your style!

    Mireia from TGL

  8. This Soumaya is definitely one my fave DF museos!!