November 7, 2017

Designer Rarity from Vestiaire Collective

Thanks to Vestiaire Collective, I've procured the dress of my Victorian Era dreams.

I love a valuable find.

When a dress is the perfect embodiment of my vibes, and it's expertly handmade by a talented designer, and it's actually obtainable at an affordable price for such luxury and craft - I don't second-guess this rare moment of glory. I shop Vestiaire Collective for pre-owned luxury fashion, because I find designer pieces like new at just a fraction of its original cost and Vestiaire Collective makes sure each piece is of quality care and 100% authentic to its label. It's also a great platform to find rare, unique pieces from my favorite designers, like this Victorian Era-inspired dress by Temperley London, my first piece of this brand. I've always dreamed of having a Temperley London creation because of the brand's beautifully romantic aesthetic and I was so excited to find this dress on Vestiaire Collective at around $200, such a steal!

I take a look at Vestiaire Collective's 'Just In' section every morning or so, because you never know if you might come across those current Gucci shoes you've been lusting after, right in your size, or a vintage Givenchy dress you never knew you needed.

I layered the Temperley London dress with an old embroidered cardigan from my wardrobe. This dress is amazing to wear on its own, layered with a romantic top, or cozied up with a velvet bolero. 


  1. Such a beautiful place!

  2. Your pictures are so lovely!


  3. You are extremely pretty and your pictures are super gorgeous
    *I wanna cry*

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