November 10, 2017

Winter Spirit with Teva

Teva just released their newest holiday editions and they’re my most favorite ever.

For their Holiday Exclusive Collection, Teva upgraded their classic sandals and boots with luxe velvets, shimmering glitter, and jewel tones and the collection includes their brand new shoe that kills the chic-leisure game: the Ember Moc. They say it’s part sneaker, part sleeping bag, with all the supreme chill and with the special-edition soft velvet upper, the Ember Moc becomes the perfect shoe for cozying up next to the fireplace or venturing out for a hot toddy. 
While Kyle and I were in Toronto for our first wedding anniversary, we got to experience the real feel of fall, what we’ve been deprived of back home in Los Angeles (it’s still in the high 70s as of now). I finally got to dust off my coats and sweaters for the trip and I lived for the refreshing bite of chill. Since we’re both new to the city, we explored a few different places like the Distillery District and Kensington Market - meaning lots and lots of walking in the cold. I’m so happy to have partnered with Teva and taken my Ember Moc Velvets with me because they are like chic, velvet pillows for shoes and I love the ease of slipping in and out of them with the collapsible heel. These would be perfect to style with fun printed socks or sheer socks for a coffee run or a silk slip dress for a cozy night in at the cabin. I wore them effortlessly through our days being casual tourists in Toronto and I found that they’re also amazing shoes for maximum airplane comfort. Besides classic black, the Ember Moc holiday editions come in beautiful amber (a shiny gold) and fig (lush plum) and I’m eyeing those two to add to my shoe wardrobe.