January 15, 2018

Brand To Watch: Dôen

A brand that's easy like Sunday morning.


I discovered the lovely brand DÔEN on Instagram early last year and I've seen over the course of a short time their rapid growth into an impressionable brand of beautiful clothes and inspiring women through sell-out collections and their cool collaboration with Reformation. What gives DÔEN's collection of airy dresses and nostalgic wool sweaters its magic is that the ethos behind the name is a collective of creative Los Angeles-based women who support women and female empowerment in their production, manufacturers, and community worldwide. If you take a look at DÔEN's Journal, you'll fall deep into this thoughtful, editorial blog that features photographs and stories of inspiring women from all backgrounds and industries. Their intimate photos capture each woman's essence in her element and draws you in to her story. DÔEN's clothing goes above and beyond at revealing the exquisite, natural beauty of the every woman - whether they're an entrepreneur, a young mother, a teacher, a rising artist - with elegant fabrics and easy silhouettes; I'm antsy for every new collection that comes.


Current favorites from DÔEN: Carnation Dress / Jude Sweater / Dance FlatBegonia Dress 


  1. In love with your dress <3


  2. wonderful and gorgeous, you are looking amazing, i like the top but is'nt this bit costly if we compare price to meterials ? keep up the good work.
    Karen Williams

    1. Thank you! I agree that the price point is contemporary and is far from cheap, but I believe it fairly reflects the quality of the fabric, the design, and also the wages of domestic production. I feel that for the quality, it's actually more reasonable than other brands who overprice items just because of their brand's influence.