January 11, 2018

Moving On Up

Literally starting the new year with a new home, new business, lots of new!

Happy New Year!!

2018 is already shaping up to becoming a banner year, personally. I'm thrilled for this next chapter! Kyle and I have been wanting to move for a while and we just signed the lease on a brand new condo this week in our same neighborhood. I'm so glad we don't have to move far, so that I can still walk to my favorite street Larchmont every other day. I can't believe we actually nabbed this place, because it's such a dream - it's spacious, new, and has everything I wanted in a home we'll make. I searched Craigslist and Zillow every day for new listings and I jumped on this one immediately because I had a good feeling about it when I saw the photos and location. It was totally meant to be! Patience and effort is  always well-rewarded.

I've also just contracted a dream photography gig with a huge client, who has given me the opportunity to challenge my creativity and go above and beyond my limitations.  Over the last two years, I've made an effort to go behind the camera more to tell a story; to capture vignettes and stills that are fleeting to the eye. I have a 2TB hard drive full of unpublished photos from my travels and daily outings. I've been teaching myself more on photography technique and style and challenging myself to try, test, and improve. You may have noticed I've been posting more of my lifestyle photos on my Instagram and for the new year, I intend to create blog posts focused on some of my work. I'm just grateful that I have a commercial client that has fully entrusted me with their brand and it's surely turning a brand new page for my career!

Life is totally great at the moment. My best friend is coming down from San Francisco this weekend, so me, her, and our other bestie who lives here will have a total girls weekend around LA. The weekend after this, Kyle and I will be hopping over to Atlanta, GA (it's been 15 years since I've last been) for a photo project with a lifestyle property. And in between, I'll be stressing out over packing and moving our messy, cluttered lives from one street to the other by February 1st. I'm going to do a ton of research on how to efficiently pack!

I'd love to hear how your 2018 started! Whether it was monumental, calm, or just no big deal -- it's also all just in a refreshed mindset that can make the biggest difference in starting the year off right :)

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  1. Beauty! x


  2. Light palette, so nice


  3. Congrats on the new condo! Maybe you can find a company that rents reusable moving boxes! They stack better and are more friendly to trees ;)

    1. Rentable boxes is SUCH a good idea, thank you! It would be such a waste to have to buy boxes and then dispose of them!

  4. These photos are so pretty! I love your outfit! And congratulations on the new condo and new gig! That all sounds so exciting!

    Sweet Helen Grace

    1. Thank you Helen!! I'm looking forward to these new changes.

  5. very well done, creative and elegant, looks amazing, i think i should order Twill pants for my niece,
    keep up the good work
    big love xoxo
    Cathy Williams

  6. Congratulations on the new photography gig and the new condo! Seems like a great way to start a new year :)