July 16, 2018

My 29th Birthday

Well celebrated with a beautiful staycation in Malibu.

Serendipity was at play this special year, when I turned 29 years old just as our baby is growing 29 weeks strong in my belly. I can't travel far, but staycations I am totally welcome to and Kyle did as he always does by keeping my birthday plans a complete surprise. He gave me a packing list and a calendar appointment to block off the day before and the day of my birthday. On the morning of, we set on a drive to this mystery destination; he said he even memorized the directions, so that Waze doesn't ruin the surprise.

Kyle took me to right to the beach at Malibu Beach Inn for a mid-week staycation, where the waves continuously crash heavy onto the shore beneath our beautiful suite's balcony. Most of our day was spent in our suite, as one should do on a staycation. We kept our balcony doors open for the fresh sea breeze and our fireplace roaring for coziness. I loved the hotel for its elegant decor and the personal touches and hospitality that made our experience feel homely. Anytime a hotel has freshly baked chocolate chip cookies daily, I'm sold.

I'm a true Cancer and I'm at my happiest around my family and since my husband knows everything about me, he continued the surprises by having my family and his join us for lunch over the water. It was such a gorgeous day and the restaurant was one of few coastal properties that had the waves come right underneath; we love being able to share these unique experiences with those we love. Our afternoon was spent on the sand, taking little baby back to the salty ocean.

My favorite part of my birthday, in my truest intimate inclination, was when Kyle and I turned off all the lights and let the fireplace crackle and gently warm the room with its golden hue, ordered a wine and some tea, and sat out on our balcony to watch the strawberry full moon rise from the horizon and the skies dim from magical sunset hues to midnight's surroundings. We watched every minute go by and saw the glistening of the moon's light expand further and further along the surface of the sea. A small pod of dolphins swam by in the majestic light, giving us seriously the most surreal, magical kind of feeling we were experiencing.

It was my last birthday to celebrate with just ourselves and we treated it like babymoon number two, because our presence together is precious. While we can't wait to experience life with a little third one, it's a reality that we won't ever be just us again, so we'll cherish these moments and celebrations as much as possible between us, just holding hands, feeling his warmth, gazing upon beauty together. 

Outfit details:
2nd look: 10 Crosby Derek Lam swimsuit (on sale!) / Ozma bandana