July 9, 2018

The Ritual of a Morning

My routine to easing into what can be called a good morning and a full productive day.

As I shifted into my late 20's, I magically transformed from the late night owl to the thriving morning bird. It wasn't a conscious change, rather I quietly noticed over time that my well-being and productivity was prime after a great sleep. Ethereal light pouring through my linen drapes was my favorite thing to wake up to and that alone gives me a burst of energy to get out of bed. The little things that make me go has shifted from a 9 P.M. espresso shot to the warmth of a fragrant candle in the morning.

I always prepare a full carafe of filtered water by my bedside before I sleep, so that in the morning as soon as I wake, I can drink a full glass of room-temp water to hydrate after 7 hours. I pull my drapes to the side and say hello to the sun that shines through my bedroom window at 8 A.M. I go to my sink and use my face cloth to dampen my skin with cold water and then I put on a couple products for a flash facial (usually a mix of Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip Cleanser and Sunday Riley Good Genes) and I leave it on for a few minutes while I take my retainers out and brush my teeth. With cold water again, I wipe my face clean and put on a hydrating serum and face oil. Then I'll sit at my vanity for a quick five minutes to fill in my brows and put on some undereye concealer. A full face isn't necessary, unless I have an early appointment, but having my brows done and eyes freshened make me feel good and ready to be around my home and be ready for an unexpected errand. I'll put on a soft, cotton dress that is lovely for lounging and appropriate for an overall look that says I tried but with minimal effort. Since I love my new living room, I spend my day working from my couch. But first, I'll open the drapes to let the light shine onto my favorite accoutrements on my mantle, I'll light my Cander candle for the best, romantic fragrance of rose, and I'll prepare a snack of almonds and walnuts with warm almond milk. Or I may brew a pot of jasmine and pink rosebud tea. Then, and only then, can I sit and get started on my tasks for the day.

Perhaps that last paragraph was a monotonous read, but I wanted to share my ritual of small steps I take to accomplish, every morning, my first task of fulfilling my happiness. I spend a slow thirty minutes to an hour of just prioritizing me, before I go about my work and have to put my attention to others for the rest of the day. I used to wake up, turn to my bedside table, and pick up my phone to look at my emails right away. This habit is nothing unusual, but nothing fulfilling either. And the mornings where an urgent email has been waiting only creates stress from the moment I get out of bed. My new morning ritual that doesn't include my phone absolutely contributes to a great mood and productive energy and helps me remember that I wake up for myself and what (and who) I love, not for anything else. If I take care of myself first, then I can take care of others with my best ability. It's practically the same logic as what they tell you during airplane safety demonstrations to put on your oxygen mask first before helping others. And it's a great way of living for not just yourself, but for everyone around you.

Soon, a new little human being will come into my life and will surely change up my whole ritual, but establishing this mindset now will help me get right back to my self-fulfilling morning, with an extra little helper, as soon as I am able.

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  1. Beautiful! x


  2. Wow, I feel this. I have learned that I am becoming more and more of a morning person.