January 31, 2019

The Power Couple by Augustinus Bader

My husband takes my skincare products all the time, because he knows where the good stuff is. I've managed to keep these under the radar for almost a year, but you know what? A good-skin-couple makes a glowing power couple. One day I decided to pass over my new skincare obsession from my vanity to his because I have a kind heart and all - it was my Augustinus Bader Rich Cream.

Almost a year ago, I met the man himself, Professor Augustinus Bader, at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills just before his namesake brand launched at Violet Grey. As one of the world's leading stem cell and biomedical scientists, he shared with me the science of regenerative stem cells, which we all have within our own body. I was in awe of the results from his lifelong research and his breakthrough healing therapies in clinical practice. Professor Bader was able to take this science, bottle it up, and deliver a product that will give you incredible skin thanks to the power of your own stem cells. The secret to the formula is the propietary TFC8®, the Trigger Factor Complex, which is a complex of natural amino acids, vitamins, and synthesized molecules, that are all naturally found within our body. These ingredients activate our innate stem cells and boost the regenerative process, targeting wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, acne, and other skin problems. Two formulas are available - the Cream, a light and refreshing cream suitable for combination skin and day time routines, and the Rich Cream, an intensely hydrating cream for dry skin or just before bed. I'm partial to the Rich Cream, because it has such a luxurious, balmy feel that protects my skin from dryness and pollution and it leaves a great glow. I use it in the evenings as my night cream, but I also use it in the day if my skin is needing extra hydration or I use it in combination with the lighter formula, the Cream. I'll apply the Cream all over my face and just dab the Rich Cream around my eyes, cheekbones, and chin where dry spots tend to be. The Rich Cream is also amazing for the decolletage. Over the last year, this power couple combination has helped my skin through pregnancy’s shifting hormones, through travel’s unforgiving environments, and through winter's biting chill. When I was first trying these products, I'd only use them if my skin needed a boost here or there but now they’re just my daily go-tos. The most instant change I've noticed after using Augustinus Bader is just how plump and glowy my skin in. I love waking up in the mornings feeling the subtle softness of the Rich Cream from the night before. The price tag is investment-worthy, but what's a better investment than your skin and confidence?
One evening as Kyle and I were getting ready for bed at our respective his-and-hers sinks, he said in such a blasé tone he felt that his skin was dull, then he wantingly looked over his sparse countertop for some kind of remedy. That's when I felt it in my heart to share what was left of my precious Rich Cream a. I scooted on over to his side to put it on his skin for him to help him feel the difference. I now regularly see my bottle on his side of the bathroom and my heart crumbles just a bit every time but he's a happy handsome man with glowing, smooth skin, I can't complain.

Augustinus Bader just launched the Discovery Duo, a trial-sized version of the Cream and Rich Cream perfect for first time users, short getaways, or husbands in need.


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