February 19, 2019

Yes to Babywearing

Keeping him snuggled and close in the most stylish and effortless way.

One of the most fascinating discoveries during motherhood is the dedicated practice of babywearing. There is a rallying community  support groups,  classes, meetups, facebook groups, and organizations dedicated to the babywearing and mothers (as well as fathers) are truly committed to the cause. I didn't understand the hype of babywearing until one day, I finally tried putting Jacob in my Solly wrap when he was 4 weeks old and crying uncontrollably. He immediately stopped crying; I wiped his tears as he looked up at me with his big eyes, calm at heart with a tiny flick of a smile. Feeling his tiny body cuddled atop my chest was so precious and I was instantly hooked to wearing him through the days. Babywearing promotes deep bonding, calmer temperaments, possible reduced risk of postpartum depression, and most of all, convenience!  When I'd wear Jacob around the house, I felt so free to accomplish tasks without the guilt of not being present with him. He'd look up at me, look at the surroundings, and then he'll fall asleep very quickly with his head against my chest and mouth wide open. He sleeps so soundly this way and what else could make a mother happiest? Babywearing has helped Kyle and me literally survive his developmental leaps and major crying periods, when Jacob needed to be snuggled the most. I was able to get out of the house while he was still a fresh newborn and go for shorts walks in my neighborhood. I graduated to walking all the way to my local cafe, getting an iced almond latte and a croissant, and enjoying my afternoon people-watching as he slumbers. Wearing him allowed me to regain my independence a bit sooner than I had preconceived for postpartum. Kyle and I enjoyed plenty of quiet date nights and lovely dinners at nice restaurants, as long as Jacob was snuggled on me (which I've always found quite comfortable).

The Sakura Bloom Scout Carrier is my favorite baby carrier I'd recommend to every new mother. It's so comfortable and easy to use out of the box, while being the most stylish on the market. I love how effortlessly elegant it looks, with its luxurious details like camel leather straps and gold hardware. The carrier is handmade in San Diego by local artisans in a family-run business, in small batches to reduce retail waste. They work with high quality fabrics like raw silk, linen, and cashmere and offer beautiful colors and patterns. I own two Scout carriers and I can tell that they're built to last child after child. Best of all, my baby is the most comfortable in the Scout, out of all the wraps and carriers we've tried, and that alone makes the it worth every single penny.


Outfit Details
Nanushka poncho / Ozma of California jumpsuit / Sezane bag
Rachel Comey earrings / St. Agni shoes / Sakura Bloom Scout baby carrier

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