September 16, 2019

A Day with Jacob

An intimate look into Jacob's day and a brand new baby product we love.
The diaper Jacob is wearing is from a new brand we discovered this year called Coterie. I visited the Coterie booth at a Fashion Mama’s fair and they displayed their own diaper against a variety of competitive diaper brands, so you can see and feel the difference in quality for yourself. Right off the bat, Coterie wins the softest diaper among them all. Their diaper feels like a silky soft blanket you'd snuggle with forever and I do think our baby's skin deserves that ultimate kind of comfort.  Coterie is a new, modern brand of diapers that approaches the most fundamental need with transparency and sustainability. There's a lot to learn about the diaper industry just by clicking through their sustainability platform. The biggest takeaway for me is knowing that no diaper is completely biodegradable, so we have to be conscious of how we can limit or offset our carbon footprint (of thousands of diapers for one child) as much as possible. Coterie partners with a number of key organizations to minimize waste and fund sustainability practices, like Diaper Recycling Technology that allows the reusability of 95% of materials in a diaper. I feel reassured and at peace knowing that the Coterie diaper commits to being the safest, so that it's hypoallergenic, free of chlorine and all of the harsh stuff like fragrances, lotions, latex, chemicals, and parabens. Jacob has been wearing Coterie diapers for the past couple of weeks and interestingly, his diaper changes are just a bit easier. I think he actually looks forward to the comfort and superior softness of his diaper.

The Coterie diaper is made with super flexible secure panels, so that a parent can get the most perfect fit to prevent leaks and blowouts, and the diaper is engineered to be 2x more absorbent than leading national brands. When I change his diaper, I notice that Jacob's skin is soft and dry, so the absorbency is unmatched. This diaper has given Jacob his best fit because he has such a small waist and other diapers weren't as flexible. We used to use a separate overnight diaper, but he sleeps in these Coterie diapers all night without any leaks come morning. It saves the inconvenience of having to order and prepare a separate supply of overnights.

As a mom, I've become such a huge fan of these new diapers because it gives me peace of mind and joy that Jacob is living his best life in Coterie! It truly is a better diaper in every way.
Every morning when Jacob and I wake up together, I immediately text Kyle “he's awake!”. By this time, Kyle is out of bed and working in his office. A minute later, Kyle runs over and when Jacob hears him coming, he smiles from ear to ear waiting for his dad to appear. It's the sweetest thing to see every morning - our son's face so happy to just wake up and be with his favorite people. We are too, little bud.


Jacob just learned how to hold his sippy cup by himself and now he vehemently asserts his independence with drinking water. It's pretty darn cute seeing him throw it back.

His kitchen is his domain. He'll grab down his favorite books from his kitchen shelves, flip through the pages, and stack them in a corner when he's done (like the true Virgo he is). Jacob would quietly sit for 15 minutes with his books in his lap. Right now we are teaching him how to organize and put things away and he's loving putting toys in the basket.


Jacob's most unique thing right now is his “peacocking” ritual, where he shows off his tricks whenever we have a visitor. He runs in a circle, squats intermittently, mooncrawls (what I like to call him crawling backwards on his tummy), all while smiling and shouting at once. It's one of the most unexpected things I've ever seen!

Tartine country bread is his favorite snack and lately he's been into sharing his snacks with Mom and Dad. I love when he gets the giggles when I bite down on his food and make it "disappear".

Thanks for reading about some of my favorite moments in a day with Jacob! Having a child is quite the unexpected adventure and every day is such a fun, new day spent with him!


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