December 12, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide for the Family

This will be our second Christmas as a family of three 
and I am even more excited for this year than the last!

Last year, Jacob was about three months old when we celebrated our first Christmas as a family, so it was poignant, sweet, and low key for both Kyle and me. One year later, Jacob is walking, talking, and exploring every new sensation he sees. His curious mind keeps him busy and keeps us both in awe, so this season will be especially exciting now that he is discovering joy in all of the lights, decor, and spirit. Plus, he looks adorable in sweaters and hats, so I'm having so much fun dressing him up these days!
One thing I did to prepare for the holidays is getting new cozy, winter-ready outfits for both Kyle and Jacob with pieces to coordinate for a sweet dad and son look. Polo Ralph Lauren is the perfect brand to go to for the elegant Christmas-card-worthy aesthetic and I loved everything I found in their winter collection. This beautiful heritage brand is one I deeply admire for their timeless style. Little chunky knit sweaters with the signature Polo Bear and soft hats just tugged at my heart. I got Kyle a classic navy blue sweater to coordinate with Jacob and Jacob gifted dad a new heavy knit beanie and cute tartan socks as an early gift to start off the season. I found beautiful women's pieces like these long sleeved maxi dresses in a sophisticated forest green color and Southwestern-inspired print. I actually have the henley dress in two different colors already, because I love the comfort and the flattering silhouette of this dress for colder weather. I highly recommend this dress as a gift for the classic, effortless woman in your life! For the men, you can't go wrong with the charming sweaters, knit accessories, and denim or classic cords for a handsome head-to-toe Ralph Lauren look.

This year, I'm so excited to partner with Ralph Lauren and put together a holiday gift guide of my favorite pieces worthy of wearing for keepsake family photos. Scroll through the carousel below for the perfect gifts!

We just got our Christmas tree last weekend, from the lot right in our neighborhood that benefits community service projects through the local rotary club. It was so sweet seeing Jacob wander through the rows of Christmas trees, feeling their little needles and peeking through closely packed branches. Kyle and I received little Jacob's approval on the Christmas tree we'd take home, since he just started decisively pointing at things he wants.

There was a red sleigh on the lot that we were familiar with; we took our Christmas card photos in it the year before, while Jacob was a small little baby in my arms. We attempted a cute family photo again, but now that Jacob is immensely mobile this time around, he wasn't too pleased about sitting still for the photo, when he'd much rather run through the trees and stomp in the mud. It never matters to me how the photos turn out though. I love the real moments that are captured and I just look forward to continuing this tradition for years to come.

photos by Vincent Elejorde


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