March 28, 2022

The Investment: Designer Clothes for Boys

I love dressing up my son in nice clothes. I know it's a harder bullet to bite when they grow so quickly. But he just looks so cute and I can't resist sharing my own love of fashion with him.
As I shift so much of my approach to my own wardrobe to buying better and buying less, it's a bit trickier applying the same philosophy to children's clothes when they are constantly growing and getting their clothes dirty. However, I can't shy away from investing in quality even when it comes to my boy's wardrobe, so I've employed a couple standards to purchasing quality pieces for him. First, if I'm looking at a designer piece, I make sure it'll stand the test of time in style and function. Something like a Moncler puffer will always be a classic essential that's easy to clean and can pass down from sibling to sibling. Or a heavy-knit black Balenciaga sweater that won't show stains and will look so chic for family trips abroad. Second, I'll always size up one or two years. I will absolutely make sure he gets at least a couple seasons of wear out of one piece as he grows and kids will forever be able to pull off the oversized look effortlessly and adorably. Third, I want him to love what he's wearing. I'll involve him in the shopping process and let him make some autonomous decisions. I hope that this practice helps cultivate his confidence and a sense of personal style from an early age. One can never be too young!

Here are some of my favorite recent looks with a couple key investment pieces I've bought for special occasions or for the simple joy of seeing how handsome he is. Under each look I've rounded up similar items I personally think are worthwhile designer investments for our children's wardrobe from one to another. Consignment is also a great cyclical solution when you're finished with the pieces in your family! For kids designer clothes, I love shopping at, because it's the most robust curation of designer brands and selection for boys and girls. 


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