February 28, 2022

The Investment: The Row Trousers

I've been transforming my wardrobe over the last year - minimizing quantity and bettering the quality. I've sold a lot of old clothes to Crossroads LA and reinvested my earnings into higher quality pieces with timeless sensibility. A distinct shift in my approach to shopping designer recently is that I am diverting my spending to more luxury, well-designed clothing essentials that make me look polished and feel confident. For so long, we've been conditioned to spend a ton of money on designer handbags as our luxury item and I totally get that the ROI is there with an item that one would use everyday as a functional accessory of quality and status. But wait until you feel how powerful you are when you slip into a perfectly tailored pair of pants. For the same price of one iconic handbag, I've built a section of my wardrobe with foundational pieces that shake off that daily taunt of "not having anything to wear."

Just a few months ago, I spent $$$$ money for the first time on a pair of pants from The Row. It was a nail-biting purchase, but I'm amazed at how much I've worn them and how much more happiness I've felt when getting dressed. I wear them weekly to meetings, dinners, to overseas, and to preschool drop-off, and they easily bring elegance to a simple white tee or a sweater thrown on top. I've bought a couple more pairs from The Row since then, because the confidence that I feel when wearing beautifully-tailored pants is priceless. I've never felt more put together all of my life. Now that I have a few essential pairs in my closet, like a dressy ivory pant or the brown wool trousers I'm sharing here, I have much less desire in looking for more. I look to my closet with contentment and that's quite a victory after an evolution of style over 15 years.

The Row Malu trousers from Mytheresa are my latest pair that I've styled a few different ways below. I hope you find some inspiration in my journey to a timeless closet.




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