December 30, 2015

The Hair and the Dress

I'm extra excited to share my latest video with you, because it's my favorite one yet. After starting my YouTube channel just 6 months ago, I've finally gotten over the intimidating hump of video creation as a complete beginner. I'm more comfortable with navigating the controls and tools of Final Cut Pro X, filming myself in front of the camera, and coming up with more interesting moments to capture. For this video, I partnered with, my go-to hair resource, to share with you my New Year's Eve look for my hair and outfit that I'll actually be wearing when midnight strikes. There's a quick tutorial on how to get chic, undone waves for you ladies with short hair and the perfect products to help you along the way. Check out the video description for all of the info!

I'm going along this video adventure with all of you, so I'd love to hear any feedback on my video content, filming style, whether I should talk more or less, what you'd like to see, etc. Thank you all and happy new year!


  1. fabulous, can't wait to shop the essentials on and try this look! thanks Stephanie!