January 4, 2016


As we're thrust into the new year, here are my feelings.

2015 was great, but was neither here nor there. Did you feel that way too? It went by quick and painless, kind of like your sophomore year of high school. Although I won't ever forget moving to LA in our dream neighborhood in the summer, visiting Europe for my first time, and getting engaged (!), 2015 seemed to be more of a buildup year, like a runway track to the biggest liftoff yet. 

2016 will see me:
1. push my creativity in sharing my hopelessly romantic vision 
2. experience more landscapes of natural beauty
3. discover worldly indulgences at the foot of my doorstep
4. reinvent my organizational method, in getting through life and getting through my closet
5. continue to build a more personal connection with you as my readers
6. test my patience (or should I say Kyle's?) as our wedding planning starts now

It's not many promises, but I don't like promises. Right now, it's a preliminary wishlist, but I just have that tenacious feeling that certain intentions will manifest in its brightest moment for 2016. Let's see what happens, yeah? 

Happy new year!

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